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Welcome to Tuzi Gazi


The name “Tuzi Gazi” is derived from the two rivers which flow into the harbour in this area – the uMhlathuze and the Mzingazi.

The harbour has been carefully and cleverly designed to accommodate the industry it needs to support, but also to preserve the natural environment around it. A wall was built across the bay to divide the original lagoon. To the north is the industrial harbour, while the southern side provides a wildlife sanctuary. The lagoon floodwaters now flow directly into the sea by means of a new estuary which was cut through the dunes. Birdlife is flourishing and indeed Richards Bay is considered a top birding destination.

The Waterfront is situated west of the beaches. First one has to cross a narrow bridge across the Mzingazi canal.

There are some good restaurants and pubs serving mouth-watering seafood platters, burgers and anything your heart desires while enjoying the relaxed view of the marina and Small Craft Harbour

The yacht harbour at the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront with the most luxurious ocean yachts is a meeting point for sailors and globetrotters from all over the world.

The Tuzi Gazi Waterfront is an ideal playground for water sport enthusiasts. The up-market office complex, numerous shops, pubs, restaurants and walk-on moorings add to the vibrant atmosphere.




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